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A Few Links to "The Soccer Academy”

The Soccer Academy - Syria Episode

Restaurant Segment from the Soccer Academy

Eurosport 60 Second Spot

Promotional Video - "The Soccer Academy" Television Show

Link to PSA: Peace Video with Danny DeVito and Jason Alexander:

Online Shop for Soccer Gear:

Soave Gear International Soccer Wear ("SOAVE GEAR") is a limited liability company with offices in Olathe,50 Kansas; Houston, Texas; Verona, Italy; and Abu Dhabi (UAE). Soave Gear bases much of its model on three (3) primary components:

1. Advanced materials and textiles
2. State-of-the-Art manufacturing
3. Team + High Tech Internet Sales

Advanced Materials: Today’s materials have advanced considerably. From breathable, durable textiles to “smart” sensors in fabrics, advanced materials have proven to be a key component in all new sports gear and sports design. With an advanced manufacturing and design team that will be assembled from Saudi Arabia, Italy, the U.S. and the Far East, Soave Gear will have a distinct, global advantage over similar start-ups internationally. Sourcing of these new fabrics and materials at competitive rates also becomes imperative to the financial margins and gains that can be attained, representing – over time – considerable profit/ROI. It is a highly competitive sports gear environment, so remaining cost conscience is important. 

State-of-the-Art Textile Manufacturing: Soave Gear will utilize some of the very latest textile manufacturing systems that have been designed in Europe, the U.S. and the Far East, including the most modern iterations of sublimation as well. This allows the designs and51 patterns to be fully integrated into the materials, while maintaining the structural integrity of the soccer gear. This level of advanced manufacturing also creates greater efficiencies and lower costs. 

Extraordinary Design: As mentioned above, Antonio was partnered with Disney’s Wide World of Sports at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida for four years. At that time, Antonio developed a wide array of co-branded soccer merchandise with the team in Orlando. However, Antonio was a bit “ahead of the curve” at that time. Soccer did not have the attraction or participation that it currently has throughout the U.S. and Canada. Antonio has also lived, worked and maintained offices in Italy for years. Being of Italian extraction and speaking the language fluently, he has developed a keen awareness of all that Italy has to offer in sportswear manufacturing. Italy is geographically close to the KSA and is easy to access. As a result, Soave commits to training select young people in the U.S. so as to incorporate advanced design and manufacturing of sports gear with a “European flair.”